What is the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands?

One of the first thing that comes to mind after purchasing an engagement is to find your significant other the perfect wedding band.  At ILA we have a curated a selection of affordable unisex and men’s wedding bands that we have designed over the years.

ILA Unisex and Men's Wedding Bands Gold & Platinum


The first step in selecting your wedding band is deciding what metal fits both your budget and your style.

We love our Lucky Catch Ring in 6mm or 4mm.  We also suggest the brushed finish in Yellow Gold and high polish finish in White or Rose Gold.   

White Gold

If classic is what you crave, we suggest a white gold wedding ring.

White gold has a beautiful glow and is the most highly rated among metals. With their definitive guise, you will be certain to discover a substantial diversity of styles here at ILA!

The downsides of white gold is that it is the least durable among the metals, can scratch easily and often needs to be re-plated to keep its white outer layer.


Rose Gold

If you are looking for a unique option, a rose gold band may be the right choice for you. Rose gold is the hardest and most durable of golds, and it is not high maintenance and does not require a great deal of attention.


Yellow Gold

Out of the precious metals, yellow gold is the only gold has a natural color and has no modifications to achieve its hue.

Something to keep in mind when picking out a yellow gold wedding band is to consider, the purer your yellow gold is, the softer and easier they are to scratch and the wear-and-tear increases.


Platinum is by far one of the rarest metals and hence is more expensive than gold.  Prices range based on design, size, and thickness. Platinum is 95% pure in of itself, making it second to yellow gold in purity. The wearability on a platinum ring is one of the best, making it's durability extremely high. 


Alternative Metals

While ILA does not work in alternative metals, we do receive a lot of questions about them when it comes to unisex and men's wedding bands, so below is an informative look a two popular alternative metals.


Tungsten:  If you work with your hands you may consider Tungsten as it is the hardest material bands are made from. The material is essentially scratch-resistant and impossible to melt, not to mention they are the extremely inexpensive.

Tungsten color is also affected by the finish on the ring as well. A brushed tungsten ring might appear more gray than a polished tungsten ring. White tungsten does appear slightly whiter than platinum, but the difference is minimal.

One thing to note is that Tungsten bands are not re-sizable. This is because Tungsten has such a high boiling point it cannot be melted. Make sure to be certain of your finger size before sealing the deal!


Titanium:  Titanium rings are both extremely lightweight and extremely durable. And if this doesn’t catch your eye, you may be pleased to know Titanium is less expensive than white gold. Beside the occasional steam clean or polish, Titanium is a diamond in the rough as it keeps its lustrous shine for a lifetime.

Tungsten color tends towards more of a grey tone when compared to White Gold or Platinum.