What are Hearts and Arrows in a Diamond?

First introduced by Japanese cutters, the term “hearts and arrows” is used to describe the cutting of a diamond to ideal optical symmetry. Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are cut to hearts and arrows optical symmetry precision. To help understand the details of hearts and arrows and how that affects your decision in purchasing a diamond, we have compiled a simple guide for you.  

What Are Hearts and Arrows in a Diamond?

A hearts and arrow diamond is a round brilliant diamond that is cut with extreme precision. In a brilliant cut diamond there are 57 facets, and in a hearts and arrow diamond all 57 facets are cut to ideal optical symmetry. The facets are in a symphony with each other and gracefully bring out brilliance, fire and scintillation of a diamond. 

The precision of the facets in a hearts and arrow diamond is so accurate that you will clearly notice the kaleidoscope pattern resembling both hearts and arrows in symmetry when viewed under a hearts and arrow loupe. A hearts and arrow loupe is a small handheld device that highlights the symmetry of the diamond. When a hearts and arrow diamond is viewed under this loupe face up, or into its crown, you will notice eight symmetrical arrows and when viewed face down or through the pavilion, you will notice eight symmetrical hearts. 

Are Diamonds with Heart and Arrows More Expensive?

Hearts and Arrow diamonds do command a higher price because of the precision and care taken while cutting and polishing the diamond. 

A diamond’s proportion, make, and finish dictates how well light interacts with it and hence directly impacts the appeal and beauty of the diamond. The cutting and polishing of a hearts and arrow diamond’s facets are cut with extreme optical precision and demands the highest level of craftsmanship. On an average, cutting and polishing a hearts and arrows diamond takes up-to three times longer to fashion a diamond with hearts and arrows. The equipment required to cut heart and arrow diamond is also specialized equipment and the diamond waste generated in cutting from a rough diamond is also comparatively more. 

Due to all these factors, hearts and arrow diamonds do command a higher price. 

hearts and arrow diamond

Can You See Heart and Arrows Through A Normal Loupe?

No, you cannot see hearts and arrows through a normal loupe. You might be able to make an educated guess looking at the facets, symmetry, and cut whether a diamond displays hearts and arrows, but you can only see the hearts and arrows with the help of a hearts and arrow loupe. These loupes have filters that enable you to see the pattern.

Does Every Diamond with an Excellent Cut Showcase Hearts and Arrows?

Not every diamond with an excellent cut shows hearts and arrows. Even though a diamond might be certified as excellent or ideal it doesn’t necessarily display hearts and arrows. Each facet of a round brilliant diamond is cut and polished with extreme attention paid to the ideal proportions and angles in a hearts and arrow diamond.

Are Diamonds with Hearts and Arrows Better?

Diamonds with hearts and arrows display better optical brilliance and fire though diamonds not cut to these exacting standards can also be brilliant diamonds with scintillating fire. In the end the level of brilliance and fire depends on how closely a diamond is cut and polished to ideal standards. Perfect optical symmetry is achieved with hearts and arrows allowing for extreme fire and brilliance. 

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