What metal color is the best choice for the color grading of my diamond?

The facets of a diamond often reflect the color from their surroundings. So, the metal color you choose will affect the appearance of your diamond.

Color GIA Diamond Grading Scale

D-E-F diamonds are ‘colorless’, so they can be set in any metal from platinum to yellow, white, or rose gold. G and H color grades come just after the colorless range, so they still appear colorless to the eye and again can fit in any color gold or platinum. If you want something similar to a D color diamond without the hefty premium, then a G-H color diamond is the answer for your engagement ring or jewelry.

If you select a colored metal setting like yellow or rose gold, diamonds in the I-J color range will go well with the warm tone of the metal. The tones of the metal hide most, if not all, the color in the diamond from the eye.  For lower color grades in the K-L-M range, smaller sized diamonds in yellow or rose gold settings will work well and suit a more comfortable budget.

Some customers prefer a striking contrast between the ring and the center stone. Often, in such cases, only the prongs are white gold or platinum, while the rest of the setting is yellow or rose gold. The white-colored prongs make the diamond appear whiter.

Two tone white and yellow gold ring

For rings with side diamonds or diamonds in the band/shank, the color of the side diamonds do not need to match exactly. The side diamonds are usually of much smaller size which makes the color much less noticeable. We do suggest that the color match closely. If the sides stones are larger, like in our ILA 3 Diamond Engagement Ring, we suggest the color be matched as close as possible.  The ILA gemologists match these for you when we hand pick your diamonds. 


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