Finding the perfect diamond.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of choosing a diamond,

we set to work to create something wholly modern.


Highest Quality Diamonds
With an eye for beauty and an obsession with data, our team of MIT Scientists and Gemologists developed Artificial Intelligence that plots over 100 data points for every diamond in our inventory.
Artificial Intelligence Diamonds
The work of thousands of gemologists – with a mastery much deeper than the quintessential Four C’s – is completed by our AI in seconds, distilling tens of thousands of diamond options to the perfect one.


Conflict Free Ethically Mined Diamonds
Inspired by a deep appreciation of the planet’s resources, we exclusively use ethically sourced and conflict free diamonds. We partnered with the most technologically advanced mines and cutting factories, all of which abide by the Kimberly Process. In doing so, we ensure that the exploration, sorting, cutting and polishing of our diamonds is undertaken in a professional, ethical, and environmentally-friendly manner.