{Our Path to Green-ness}

At ila&i we believe that some of the most astounding and beautiful design is found in our natural surroundings. Much of our inspiration comes from what we see and feel around us, so to us designing should be approached holistically. We cannot ignore our responsibility to preserve the beauty around us. To accomplish this we’ve set off on a better foot. Here is a growing list of what we are doing:

  • ila&i's jewelry is made from recycled & reclaimed precious metal. Recycled & reclaimed metal means no new mines were dug to create our pieces.
  • We make every effort to use human-friendly stones in our pieces. Both Ila and I personally handpick our diamonds and colored stones. We source directly from the cutting factories, so we know where our diamonds and precious stones originate.
  • Made In U.S.A: Everything from our jewelry to our website is designed and created at ila&i. This is about keeping a level of quality in our design and quality in our relationship with our growing ila&i family.
  • ila&i strives to be as digital as possible. Our entire manufacturing and accounting is managed digitally. That’s really the nerd in us. Thank you Google!
  • Up to code and built for preservation our studio’s lights and outlets are on motion detectors and timers. No light or machine is on unless its meant to be.
  • Our printers are stocked with 100% recycled paper, all of our packaging is first reused then recycled, and our plastic and metals are all recycled.
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